Xtuner CVD-16 OBD Scanner Small Change Notice

Xtuner CVD-16

XTUNER CVD-16 is a commercial vehicle and passenger cars diagnostic 16 pin adapter based on Android system. This is an auto diagnostic device that connects to your truck, fire engine, or motorhome’s on-board computers (ECUs) and transmits information via Bluetooth to the XTUNER CVD application.

The Xtuner CVD-16 has changed the OBD connector port from gold-plated all metal into black ABS plastic appearance. See picture below.

Xtuner CVD-16
Xtuner CVD-16

The functions of Xtuner CVD-16 are all the same as before, just change the material of the obd connector. So all orders will use the new design for shipment, hope you can understand.

Top 9 Reasons to Get XTUNER CVD-16 Auto Diagnostic Tool:

  1. Support Multi-language include English, German, French, Korean, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Russian.
  2. Support standard value of data stream for heavy duty vehicle.
  3. Support online and offline DTC query.
  4. Support online dictionary.
  5. Support standard 6 pin and 9 pin diagnostic adapter.
  6. The Adapter made of industrial grade materials, is strong and durable.
  7. Support one-key power cut.
  8. Software online updatable.
  9. Enhanced OBDII Mode 6.


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