Xtuner X500 pro Released! Xtuner X500 Update to Xtuner X500 Pro

Good News !  Xtuner X500 pro Released! Xtuner X500 Update to Xtuner X500 Pro .Xtuner X500 pro will bring you more Satisfactory experience and more grate performance. Xtuner X500 new UI interface will make you feel desirable.

Let me introduce the update details to everyone.

The information of Xtuner X500 as follows:

1.New UI. More beautiful UI interface.

2.New and better Experience.

3.Add test report for DTC, system information and data list function.

4.Add the User information management.

5.Add DTC online searching by Google or Baidu.

6.Add data list record and play function.

7.Improve the communication layer for diagnostic function.

And Xtuner X500 Pro Supports for existing Xtuner X500 hardware.

For easy reading and fast understand we post More information as Follows picture:

The new UI interface
The old UI interface







New UI interface more beautiful and aesthetic.




The operation interface as follows:

You could mange your Apps here
There is IDUTEX Store.You can download Apps here
                                        This is a example of Immokeys interface.


Those are the picture of Xtuner X500 Pro operation interface.

If you want more details information please update your Xtuner X500.

New Xtuner X500 will bring you more desirable  experience.

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