Does Xtuner T1 can work with volvo and iveco truck ?

Some customer bought the Xtuner T1 truck tools and test it on volvo and iveco truck,but it failed work.

I asked from our engineer that the xtuner T1 truck list is as follow: ASTRA ,Benz,Bremach,DAF,ERF,Bendix,Bosch,Caterpillar,Detroit,Foton.

T1 truck list

So you can only use the xtuner T1 on these carlist.

But you need to gurantee it is activated before you use it..

So if you cant make sure if it is activated or not,You can contact with us for that by skype: vpecker1


If you want to make order about this xtuner T1,you can aslo contact with us directly.


We can also find distributor from the world,So if you are interested in our product,just contact with us directly.

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