Does Xtuner X500 work on Android 4.4?

Recently some customer told us that the Xtuner X500 works  has problem with internet connection and they can not able to do registration for the Xtuner X500.

So they asked us that does Xtuner X500 work on android 4.4?

The Xtuner X500 hardware evironment is as follow:

Cellphone or PAD with Bluetooth,Space disk can’t be less than 1G,And RAM can’t be less than 512M.Communication port should WI-FI or Bluetooth.

The software evironment should Android 4.4 to 6.0

So it means the Xtuner Xtuner X500 can work on Android 4.4.

So the problem is that why it can’t connect with the internet?

I asked our engineer that it shoud been your phone problem.

So if you have internert connection about the android 4.4 system for this Xtuner X500.You can try it on other phone .

This is the solution for this problem.

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