Xtuner X500 Software Introduction

Today we will share the Xtuner X500 software introduction.

1,The Xtuner X500  screen is as follow when you starting up.


2,The Xtuner X500 will appear as follow after you wait for some time:


3,Please click the “APP Store”.Then it will appear as follow:Then you need to input the S/N number and password getting from the envelope, and then click “Login”.


4,After you login it,then you need to activate the Xtuner X500 before you use it,You need to write your name,mail,company and country when you activate it.


5,Submit user information success,Activation link will been sent to your email address,You can check your e-mail within 30 minutes.

The Xtuner X500 activate e-mail is as follow:



Your email address must be real in order to get the activation link and the further better service from the manufacturer. The software update reminder and the new product release information will be sent to your mailbox.

If you do not receive the activation email, please add “[email protected]” to the white list of your mailbox and try the activation process again.

Country\Region : please choice your country\region in the list.


6,After you activate the Xtuner X500,Then you can go to ‘”APP Store” for upgrade the software of Xtuner X500,Of course you need to input the serial number and password of Xtuner X500.Then “Login” to download the software.

Note:Tere are two modes for downloading, one by one and one-click. It may take a long time to download all the software, due to customers’ network speed reason.

7,After you install the sfotware of Xtuner X500,Then you can run the software by yourself.When you run the Xtuner X500, the screen will show as follow:


At this time,Then you can choose the function as you want to use.

Xtuner X500 is very easy control,you can operate freely after you install it.

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