Compare with the vpecker,What’s the advantage of the Xtuner-X500 ?

As many customer is confused to make decision when they meet the Xtuner-X500 and Vpecker.Because the vpecker is sold for long time before,and the Xtuner-X500 is new released,And maybe you think that why we released the xtuner-500 if it only includes parts function of vpecker.Compare with the vpecker,What’s the advantage of the Xtuner-X500?

Firstly,Xtuner-X500 is professional for maintenance related special fuction, like OILRESET, DPF, BATTERY, ABS BLEEDING, EPB TPMS, IMMO&KEY, INJECTOR covered most of brands including. American European Asian Australian and Chinese vehicle makes. • Unparalleled OBD supporting capability for all 5 OBD protocols and 10 testing modes. • Hardware architecture uses a brand-new design for such protection functions as interference and stability. Built-in overvoltage protection module is available in order to protect scanner and vehicle against accidental damage during checking. • Stable and smooth working in high and low temperature environment. • Convenient and timely online software updating on the internet. • Support the open source processing system on the cellphone Android system above 4.4 version. • Perfect easy-to-use characteristic with touch-screen and intuitive operation.

Secondly,The Xtuner-x500 special function will cover a wider range than Vpecker.

Thirdly,The Xtuner-X500 is android system diagnostic tools,It can work well too at the situation without WIFI.

So if you need a wider range for the OILRESET, DPF, BATTERY, ABS BLEEDING, EPB TPMS, IMMO&KEY, INJECTOR function, and you like this android system diagnostic tools,then it is good choice for you.But if you not only need this special function,also need the diagnostic function,programmer function,then I suggest you can buy the vpecker.

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