Product Description

The XTUNER CVD is a commercial vehicle diagnostic adapter developed by IDUTEX Based on Android system. This is an electronic device that connects to your truck, fire engine, or motorhome’s on-board computers (ECUs) and transmits information via Bluetooth to the XTUNER CVD application. The Adapter plugs into the 9-pin/6-pin Dutch diagnostic port of any Class 3 through 8 heavy duty trucks. The Adapter, made of industrial grade materials, is strong and durable.
Workable Brands: covers Allison, Bendix, Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Freightliner, Fuller, Haldex, International, John Deere, Mack, Mack 4, Mercedes Benz, Paccar, Pi, Psi, Takata, Volvo, Wabco, ZFMeritor, etc. The vehicle model and engine type can be auto detected.
OE Level Fault Code Information: display 99% of Heavy-Duty fault codes with detailed OEM level component and trailer descriptions.
Fault Management: is to clear faults and diagnosis all vehicle components in a single, easy to use application.
Product Connection: Connect with your phone app and device through Bluetooth.
Product LED Display:
Xtuner CVD 1
Product Specifications:
Connection:                CVD-9                  CVD-6
Protocol                      J1708,J1939        J1708
Year Model                 2000-newest        1990-2000 year
Bluetooth                    4.0 Classic            4.0 Classic
Operating System       Android                 Android
Vehicles Diagnosis:
Product Information:
System Information:
Data Conservation
Data Replay
Test Report
Fault Code: DTC Clearing
Data List:
Record Data Stream
Test Report
Wave Form:
Support wave display, can simultaneously analyze the situation of 4 data streams to let customers fully understand the changes in data streams under any vehicle conditions.
Wave Dashboard:
Support meter display, which is convinent for customer to understand scope in change of data stream under any vehicle conditions and immediately find the problematic sensors and components according to the warning range of settings.
Wave Form Analysis:
Professional analysis software for data stream wave form, can analyze 4 data streams at the same time. By overlaying and comparing forms, customers can easily and immediately find the vehicle fault.
Note: The color of wave display can be set.
I/M Monitor:
Fast detection for status of all auto sensors to make sure its condition.
Truck ELM327 Xtuner 01Truck ELM327 Xtuner 02Truck ELM327 Xtuner 03Truck ELM327 Xtuner 04Truck ELM327 Xtuner 05Truck ELM327 Xtuner 06Truck ELM327 Xtuner 07Truck ELM327 Xtuner 08Truck ELM327 Xtuner 09Truck ELM327 Xtuner 10Truck ELM327 Xtuner 11Truck ELM327 Xtuner 12Truck ELM327 Xtuner 13Truck ELM327 Xtuner 14Truck ELM327 Xtuner 15Truck ELM327 Xtuner 16Truck ELM327 Xtuner 17Truck ELM327 Xtuner 18Truck ELM327 Xtuner 19Truck ELM327 Xtuner 20Truck ELM327 Xtuner 21

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