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Does Xtuner T1 Heavy Duty Truck Tools Support Volvo Truck ?

April 21st, 2017|Categories: XTuner T1|Tags: , |

Xtuner T1 Heavy Duty Truck Tools Support Truck list: Xtuner T1 Heavy Duty Truck Tools coverage for heavy-duty trucks(29 brands) coverage for heavy-duty trucks (29 brands).Complete function capability including DTC.DTC freeze Info,Live data,Actuation test and Special function. Support standard protocol J1939 ,J1708 and J1587 The Vehicle including Vehicle coverage is as follow DIESEL: ASTRA, BENZ, BREMACH, [...]

Does Xtuner T1 can work with volvo and iveco truck ?

March 6th, 2017|Categories: XTuner T1|Tags: , , |

Some customer bought the Xtuner T1 truck tools and test it on volvo and iveco truck,but it failed work. I asked from our engineer that the xtuner T1 truck list is as follow: ASTRA ,Benz,Bremach,DAF,ERF,Bendix,Bosch,Caterpillar,Detroit,Foton. So you can only use the xtuner T1 on these carlist. But you need to gurantee it is activated before you [...]

How to install the Xtuner T1 on your laptop?

March 1st, 2017|Categories: XTuner T1|Tags: , , |

Firstly,You need to prepare the appropriate laptop.The laptop hardware environment is as follow: Windows laptop,PC or PAD. CPU speed: more than 1.0G Hz Memory:more than 1GB Disk:more than 32GB Communication port: Wi-Fi or USB The laptop software environment should as follow: Windows XP,Windows7,Windows 8,Windows10 After you gurantee the environment is ok,then you can access the website:http://www.tdintel.com [...]

How to activate xtuner t1 truck diagnostic tools?

February 28th, 2017|Categories: XTuner T1|Tags: , , |

At firstly ,You need to keep network woring,Run Xtuner-T1 APP,Then click “online store” to get applications. when appear this status,then please watting…. When appear this status,please click “online store” Please enter the S/N number and password get from the envelope,and then click “Login”. Please click login If the product is not activated,Please click”yes” Please input your [...]

Does Xtuner T1 support ecu programming?

February 20th, 2017|Categories: XTuner T1|Tags: , , |

  As Xtuner T1 is more and more popular recently.The Xtuner Truck diagnostic tools attracted many buyers attention.Because of  the xtuner T1 function is powerful,and the price is cheap,The xtuner t1 includes the function of Read ECU Info, Read DTCs, Erase DTCs, Clear learning value, Data Stream, Actuations, Read freeze frame data, Read/Write VIN, Basic Reset, [...]

Demo Diagnosis Cummins with XTuner T1_Part1

January 23rd, 2017|Categories: XTuner T1|Tags: , |

XTuner T1 Diagnosis Demo Enviroment: 1 Cummins ISDe Engine CM2150C 2 Xtuner T1   Purpose: With this Demo, users will know better about our Xtuner T1’s function and working process. This demo may a little long, so we divided it into 3 parts In Part 1, we will only introduce device connection, diagnosis process, read DTCs [...]

Xtuner-T1 scanner for international Truck media duty Diagnostic Tools

January 20th, 2017|Categories: XTuner T1|Tags: , , , , |

Xtuner-T1 is 2017 new released heavy duty trucks diagnostic tools,Xtuner-T1 is extensive vehicle coverage for heavy-duty trucks. Xtuner-T1 Complete function capability including DTC, DTC freeze Info, Live data, Actuation test and Special function,And the Xtuner-T1 support three kinds of standard protocol ,It is J1939, J1708 and J1587,The Xtuner-T1 connection is supply USB and WIFI connection for [...]