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Xtuner E3 Update !

We released new version of Xtuner E3 recently. The detail information as below: Xtuner E3 update information: INFINITI upgrade to  18.2 1.Added 39 vehicle models covered up to 2017. 2.Added hundreds of special functions. CHRYSLER upgrade to 14.0 1.Added 55 vehicle models covered up to 2017. 2.Added ECU Info. and Active Test. JEEP upgrade to 14.0 1.Added 55 vehicle models covered up to 2017. 2.Added ECU Info. and Active Test. Besides, I still attached the Xtuner E3 other detail information, as below: Features Extremely easy-to-use with touch-screen operation and intuitive operation in the windows. Support online DTC query, Oline dictionary, […]

Xtuner E3 Update Information Xtuner E3 Update to V9.2

  The detail information as follows: NISSAN upgrade to V18.2 1.Added data of all models, Covered up to 2017   VPECKER E1 India Update information:   MAHINDRA upgrade to V15.0 1.Added DataList for most of systems. 2.Added Active Test of Engine Systems of all vehicle model. 3.Added Special Functions: Battery Reset EKP And Counter Reset […]

The update and log-in questions of Xtuner E3 and vpecker

The questions of Vpecker and Xtuner E3 you may meet recently. Recently, We received many letters about vpecker and Xtuner E3 as follows, I will give everyone an answer after those questions.If you suffer the same problems, please check the answer. The questions as follows: 1, I buy a Vpecker unit and I have a problem when I […]

Xtuner E3 Update to Xtuner E3+(Xtuner E3 PRO) Released!!!

It is a great news that Xtuner E3+(Xtuner E3 PRO) Released!!! The Xtuner E3 updated to Xtuner E3+ (Xtuner E3 PRO) Xtuner E3+ (Xtuner E3 PRO)Released!!!! The update information as follows: 1. Modified many details of the interface, better user experience than before.   2. More United and vivid color, provide the better overall visual effect. 3. Improved the proportion of the home screen, make a generous and beautiful interface. 4. Added drop-down menu, users can quickly and easily enter the relevant function interface. 5. Optimized Wifi connection. 6. Fixed the bug in the multi-language display.   Xtuner E3  Supports 5 kinds OBDII protocols: ISO9141-2, ISO 14230, ISO 15765, SAE J1850-(PWM), SAE […]

What’s the different between Xtuner’s products

  Recently,some customers confused about the different between Xtuner’s products.Now.let me solve the problem for you . This is Xtuner CVD’S picture,  Xtuner CVD is a commercial idutex automobile diagnostic joint based on Android system development. This is an electronic device that connects to your truck, fire engine, or motorhome’s on-board computers (ECUs) and transmits information […]

What’s the diffierent between Vpecker wifi and Xtuner E3 ?

Recently some customers confused if something different between Vpecker wifi and Xtuner E3.In fact Vpecker wifi and Xtuner E3 are same with most function.So let me tell you clearly.Help you to make choice. The three brightspots of Vpecker wifi : 1,Vpecker wifi can Keep updating online and automatic Wi-Fi Data Logging for quick and accurate technical support and troubleshooting,prints […]

If the Xtuner E3 easydiag tool supports volvo Transmission, SRS and ABS?

As you know the Xtuner E3 can work for the European carlist as follow: For ABARTH,For Alfa,For Aston,For Audi,For Bentley,For Benz,For BMW,For Bugatti,For Citroen,For Dacia,For Ferrari,For Fiat,For Fordeu,For Jaguar,For Lamborghini,For Lancia,For Landrover,For Maserti,For mini,For Opel,For Peugeot,For porsche,For Renault,For Saab,For Seat,For Skoda,For Smart,For Vauxhall,For Volvo for VW,So xtuner E3 also can work for volvo .. The […]

Will immobiser work about the Xtuner E3?

Recently some customer tested Xtuner E3 immobiliser on some carlist and it has immobiser software for it. But they cancel test halfway,So they want to confirm with us if the xtuner E3 immobiser will work or not? Therefore they  see the Xtuner E3’s description on the website that it can program ecu.. immo is inside […]