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If the Xtuner E3 easydiag tool supports volvo Transmission, SRS and ABS?

March 28th, 2017|Categories: XTuner E3|Tags: , , |

As you know the Xtuner E3 can work for the European carlist as follow: For ABARTH,For Alfa,For Aston,For Audi,For Bentley,For Benz,For BMW,For Bugatti,For Citroen,For Dacia,For Ferrari,For Fiat,For Fordeu,For Jaguar,For Lamborghini,For Lancia,For Landrover,For Maserti,For mini,For Opel,For Peugeot,For porsche,For Renault,For Saab,For Seat,For Skoda,For Smart,For Vauxhall,For Volvo for VW,So xtuner E3 also can work for volvo .. The Xtuner [...]

Will immobiser work about the Xtuner E3?

February 22nd, 2017|Categories: XTuner E3|Tags: , , , |

Recently some customer tested Xtuner E3 immobiliser on some carlist and it has immobiser software for it. But they cancel test halfway,So they want to confirm with us if the xtuner E3 immobiser will work or not? Therefore they  see the Xtuner E3's description on the website that it can program ecu.. immo is inside ECU. [...]

Will Xtuner E3 Software Run On 1GB Ram Tablet or Laptop?

February 21st, 2017|Categories: XTuner E3|Tags: , , |

Some customer is confused for how to choose the tablet or laptop for the Xtuner E3,Because what amount of RAM required to run xtuner E3 software ?they do not make sure..And customer customer even is confused  if the Xtuner E3 can work on 1gb ram tablet or laptop ?And some customer want to confirm what tablet [...]

Does Xtuner E3 support new model carlist for toyota and honda?

February 16th, 2017|Categories: XTuner E3|Tags: , , , |

Some customer is confused about whether Xtuner E3 can work for the toyota and honda new carlist . About this problem,I confirm it with our engineer,the Xtuner E3 can work with the carlist for honda as follow: Xtuner E3 can support Honda CIVIC up to 2014 year. Xtuner E3 can support Toyota Corolla  up to 2014 [...]

What’s the difference between Xtuner X500 and Xtuner E3?

February 15th, 2017|Categories: XTuner E3, XTuner X500|Tags: , , |

Xtuner x500 and Xtuner E3 difference. As many customer is wondering about what’s the difference between xtuner x500 and xtuner e3,So we will share the difference about it today.   1, The function difference between Xtuner X500 and Xtuner E3: Xtuner x500 only work about powerful multiple  special function  like OILRESET, DPF, BATTERY, ABS BLEEDING, EPB [...]

Xtuner-E3 Universal Car Diagnostic and Programming Tools with Multi-language

February 5th, 2017|Categories: XTuner E3|Tags: , , , |

Xtuner-E3 Feature: 1, Extensive carlist coverage for more than 78 brands worldwide including American, European, Asian, Australian and Chinese carlist. 2,Xtuner-E3 has Powerful multiple functions such as real time data, ECU programming and so on. 3, Xtuner-E3 has OBDII supporting capability for all 5 OBDII protocols and 10 testing modes. 4, Xtuner-E3 can automatic Wi-Fi updates [...]