Xtuner T1 updated!!! Xtuner T1 update information. Xtuner T1 update to V8.4

Xtuner T1 updated!!! Xtuner T1 update to version 8.4.

Xtuner T1 adds many new vehicles. Coverage vehicles to 2017 years.

The update information of Xtuner T1 as follow:

  1. VOLVO  12.2 EN  released
    a、Fix commucation error.
    b、Add 35 new modules.
    c、Add system scanning and DTC Freeze.
  2. Add new brand: Ford!

The detail as the picture:

The version of Ford is V14.0

Code Coverage:

Covered up to 2017




Update information

a,The First release

b,Vehicle Covered up to 2017.

3.Update(Xtuner T1 Version V8.5)
The First release .
Vehicle Covered up to 2017 years.

  • The update information of vehicles as follows:
    MACK V12.4 EN
    1. Improve the communication layer for J1708 protocol systems.
  • VOLVO V12.3 EN
    1. Improve the communication layer for J1708 protocol systems.
  • RENAULT V12.2 EN
    1. Improve the communication layer for J1708 protocol systems.
    2. Add 35 new modules.
    3. Add system scanning and DTC Freeze.
  • ISUZU V12.4 EN
    1、Add Euro 5,Euro 4,Euro 3,Euro 2 Series.
    2、Add ISUZU Actuations.

Xtuner T1 have updated. So sometimes you may suffer the problems as follows:

1, You can’t enter the IDUTEX store suddenly.

2, You can’t log-in the software. The S/N and Password show that is invalid.

Please check the version of your product. We change the servers and website. So it won’t log-in or enter the software if you still use the old software and version.

Our engineer are still work hard to develop more information to Xtuner T1 and other products of us.

We will release more new version of our products. Thanks for attention.

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