What’s the diffierent between Vpecker wifi and Xtuner E3 ?

Recently some customers confused if something different between Vpecker wifi and Xtuner E3.In fact Vpecker wifi and Xtuner E3 are same with most function.So let me tell you clearly.Help you to make choice.

The three brightspots of Vpecker wifi

1,Vpecker wifi can Keep updating online and automatic Wi-Fi Data Logging for quick and accurate technical support and troubleshooting,prints out recorded data anytime and anywhere with Wi-Fi printing capability.records and playbacks live data to pinpoint troubles of sensors and components.displays live data in text, graph and analog for easy data review and analysis.

2,Vpecker wifi supports total 88 brand vehicle and Vehicle coverage for more than 70 US domestic, European, Asian, Australian and Chinese vehicle,covered all most system modules from Motor electronics to Special vehicle multi function control module, etc.

3,The unparalleled OBDII functionalities of Vpecker wifi .The function coverage include Quick test, Read ECU info, Read/Erase DTCs, Idle speed learning, Ecu Initial startup, ECU initialization, etc.Innovative graph merging for easy and quick detection of intermittent problems.

Vpecker wifi have two models can support wifi or bluetooth. Xtuner E3 can support Wifi and bluetooth.

The brightspots of Xtuner E3

1,Xtuner E3 extensive vehicle coverage for more than 78 vehicles makes from US domestic, Europe, Asia, Australia, and China.

2,Xtuner E3 has automatic Wi-Fi updates available in any new software releases. Wi-Fi internet capability allows for wireless access to the OBD whenever in the driver’s convenience.

3,Unparalleled OBDII functionalities-support ALL 5 OBDII protocols and ALL10 test modes.

4,Xtuner E3 can check out the year and model of the vehicles automatically and quickly.Hardware architecture uses a brand-new design for such protection functions as interference and stability. Built-in overvoltage protection module is available, in order to protect scanner and vehicle against accidental damage during checking. Stable and smooth working in high and low temperature environment.

5,The genuine Windows 8 and 10 operating systems allows for more stable performances, better compatibility and expandability.Perfect easy-to-use characteristic with touch-screen and intuitive operation in the windows.

There are Vpecker and Xtuner E3’ product introduction picture.



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