Demo Diagnosis Cummins with XTuner T1_Part1

XTuner T1 Diagnosis Demo Enviroment:

1 Cummins ISDe Engine CM2150C

2 Xtuner T1



With this Demo, users will know better about our Xtuner T1’s function and working process.

This demo may a little long, so we divided it into 3 parts

In Part 1, we will only introduce device connection, diagnosis process, read DTCs and erase DTCs.

And part 2, we will introduce Data stream function.

Part 3, we will introduce Actuation Test and Maintenance Oil Reset.


Ok, Let’s start.

Step1: Connection

After connecting XTuner T1 with Cummins truck, the power indication light will turn on.

Search the WIFI signal of XTuner T1 on your computer or windows Pad, and connect the WIFI manually.

If the WIFI connection successful, the WIFI indication light will turn on.


Step2: Diagnostic

Run XTuner T1 software, and start to diagnose.


Choose the vehicle you need, and enter the diagnostic system:


And Please press the next page.





Step 3: Read DTCs

From below screen, we can tell that this Cummins ISDe Engine includes a  few faults.

The result includes DTC code number and the brief description, by these results, Mechanical can easily know what problem of this truck, and then take the next action.



Step4: Erase DTCs

Some DTCs can be simply erased, we can simply click erase DTCs to erase all the fault codes.
Follow below steps to erase them.


After fault codes have been erased, the software will ask us to turn off the ignition and wait about 10 seconds and then turn on again, in this way, we can make sure these fault codes have been erased completely.

If not erased, there are some parts in the vehicle should be replaced or need to be adjusted.





For this paragraph,  it shows us the xtuner connection way, and we used it to read the fault codes and erase codes, this is the basic function that Xtuner T1 can do, in the next paragraph, we will continue to read more powerful function about Xtuner T1.

Thank you for your time to read.

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